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Kim's prophetic ministry reaches countless people as he reveals the heartbeat of God in tragedy and triumph, good times and bad, war and peace, in democratic or theocratic circles, crossing all cultural barriers by communicating God's feelings for them.

"Prophets were called to watch, which sometimes demanded unusual and difficult journeys. Isaiah was privy to the conversation of God, and heard them discussing the future of Israel. However, Elisha heard the plans of the enemy and revealed them to the King, placing himself in a very difficult position. I myself must also mount the watchtower." (Kim Clement)

"I believe that Jesus intended His teachings to guide us into an abundant life, while at the same time warning us of present dangers, and giving us principles to apply so we could build upon a sure foundation." (Kim Clement)

Christ did not wish to exercise religious control through the charging of oaths, which if "violated," result in a curse. Part of Christ's ongoing instruction to individuals is revealed through personal encounters and the hearing of His voice. Saul, the persecutor of the Church, was spoken to by Christ and directed to a city in which he discovered his destiny – An Apostle of Christ.

Annanias, a disciple in Damascus, was instructed by God's voice to go and meet the acclaimed Saul of Tarsus at the House of Judas on Straight Street.

Prophecy, which includes direction as well as affirmation, has the potential (once acted upon) to ultimately become that individual's collection of heroic and historical acts, which would also become their children's divine inheritance. Jacob acted upon God's voice and instruction and this act birthed Israel. We still feel the effects of his obedience today.

The prophet is an instrument of God. His words always bring hope and enrichment to the individual and community. Through his connection with the Lord, the prophet offers the individual a connection "in the moment" to God and Christ. The experience for the listener is an opportunity to let go of their past, their pain, and their cynicism, to accept the grace and love of God. The listener is made aware that empowerment and life-long enrichment is a gift offered and that their opportunity is acceptance.


Many have asked, or may be asking, who is Kim Clement? He is not really an evangelist, or a pastor, or even a missionary, although he has worked in all of these areas. Try as you might, to simply put him in a typical institutional category is an impossible task. Many have called him prophet, but to simply call him a prophet is not even enough because of the unfortunate stigma attached to that title. Part of the journey to understanding Kim Clement is a lesson in understanding the uniqueness of his destiny. He is not a doom and gloom prophet with an apocalyptic forecast every three years; instead, he is a voice of hope to those who need it the most. He is able to paint a picture of destiny that inspires instead of frightens those who catch a glimpse. He has found a way to define again what it is to be a true prophet.

Kim's prophetic gift is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience. He has whispered to kings and inspired prisoners. His diverse, extemporaneous perspective has gained him a notoriety that transcends culture, race and religion, placing him onto a world platform.

While Kim's ministry is unorthodox by "institutional standards," it is firmly grounded in both the Old and New Testament scriptures, as detailed extensively in Corinthians, Samuel, and Kings.

The prophet is one who sees beyond present circumstances, giving access to future events. He refuses to be controlled by fear, error, or mistake; but rather, the prophet makes a courageous demand on the ability to progress. This cannot be done without a glimpse into the future, which is the purpose of the prophet.

Kim believes that prophecy has the potential to ultimately become a “collection of heroic and historical acts” which become an inheritance left for the next generation. He believes that the prophet is an instrument of God, a bringer of hope and enrichment in times of despair and famine. Kim is no stranger to times of despair, he was addicted to heroine by the time he was 17, immersed in the rock scene of the seventies, and dying in a ditch outside of a South African bar when he found Jesus in the most unexpected of places. This was the moment that changed his life, redirected him and took him around the globe.

His journey through the realms of theology and musical expression took him to varying platforms: from schools to clinics, to storefront churches and country chapels. He has brought a message of hope to those trapped in the cycle of hurt and shame that accompany the trials of life. Kim's mission is to present Christ in a way that is appealing to all people and to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable with a message of hope, enrichment and the healing of haunting memories. Our call is to deliver this relevant message to the outcast, the rejected, the dignitaries and religious leaders around the world, corporate chiefs and blue-collar workers, (young and old alike), regardless of social stature. Many who seek this message are in despair, and often this message is their last hope. The goal is to inspire, not reject; to lift up, not to put down. Instead of trying to control and manipulate through fear, the goal is to set free through the promise of a better future, through the renewing of the mind.

Kim currently resides in Southern California with his wife Jane and nine children - Donne’, Jacquelyn, Caleb, Elizabeth, Jakob and their four newly adopted children from China, Li-Ann, Mia, Kimberlyn and Matt-Yong.


Kim Clement was born September 30, 1956 in South Africa, a nation divided by apartheid. At the tender age of 17, Kim had found himself addicted to heroine, immersed in the drug and rock scene of the seventies. But one fateful night in 1974 changed the course of his life forever. He was in a bar, in the bathroom, overdosing on heroine when he was robbed and stabbed. He stumbled onto the street and fell into a ditch, feeling himself dying as he cried out the name of "Jesus".

Just as he began to feel life leaving him, a hand reached out and lifted him from death. The hand belonged to a Christian man who shared the message of Christ with Kim. That night, his life drained from a knife wound to his chest. After scores passed by, a stranger picked him up, carried him to his car, and drove him to a hospital. The stranger was a Christian.

"I was in a nightclub and someone walked up to me and stabbed me in the chest. In my confusion, I staggered out into the street and collapsed. I remembered then what an Anglican minister had said to me when I was 9 years old. He said, ‘Jesus walks the streets still today. One day you will need him, just call on him and he will touch you.'". (Kim Clement)

From that day forward, Kim was a follower of Christ and dedicated his life to sharing that precious message. Kim worked as a music director and youth pastor at various churches between 1976 and 1978. These were the years that Kim grew through experience. He worked as a counselor in a drug rehab center called Vital Link. He also worked with and trained mentally handicapped children, focusing on enhancing their coordination through teaching them music.

Jane Elizabeth Barnes stole Kim's heart in 1978, and they were married in Durban, South Africa that same year. They have shared 30 exciting years together and their nine children are a testament of their love. Kim's work in his native land culminated in the co-founding and building of the first non-racial church in South Africa, The Lyric Christian Center. This work, established by Dr. Fred Roberts, defied the racial apartheid system and welcomed all races. He had always been a talented musician; by the age of 17 he had studied music through The Trinity College of Music. A few months previous, he had been a finalist in the South African Yamaha Music Competition while working on, and completing, a film score for a major motion picture.

"I bring the message of God to entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians, scientists, blue collar, white collar, dog collar, and children alike by communicating the thoughts and words of God to them by means of "the gift" given to me from the Spirit." (Kim Clement)


In 1981, Kim came to the United States to attend Christ for the Nations. Between 1981-1991, Kim traveled throughout the United States, returning 5 times a year to assist at Durban Christian Center in Durban, South Africa. In 1991, Kim moved with his family to the USA. After years of travel and ministering, Kim started “The Warriors of the New Millennium,” an outreach based in Detroit, Michigan that focused on uplifting the wounded people within the City; this eventually spread throughout the United States. Kim now resides in Southern California with his family and is pioneering a new online prophetic outreach.


The life of Kim Clement is an expression that has defined "the prophet" for the modern era. This has made his journey unique; a journey that has taken his inspired message to schools and colleges, churches and synagogues, alleyways and prison cells. Kim's prophetic gift is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience, as he has whispered to kings and inspired prisoners, his path through life continues to be an exciting adventure. His diverse and extemporaneous perspective has gained him notoriety that transcends culture, race and religion, placing him onto a world platform.


  • In 1974, Kim completed his first major motion picture film score for A Winters Tale, a Sheppard/Farmer film of Australia.
  • In 1996, Kim performed at Washington for Jesus on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, where over 200,000 people were gathered.
  • In 1993, Kim received an Honorary Citizen Award from the Mayor of Houston, Texas, and a Recognition Award for continued ministry in the city. In 1995, Kim also received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity.
  • Since 1995, Kim has traveled to Detroit, Michigan on a monthly basis to help establish The Warriors of the New Millennium for those who have been wounded by present day religion and its trappings.
  • Kim has personally ministered to the Queen of England, Presidents, celebrities, and notable politicians
  • In 2003, Kim performed at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California at The Call
  • In 2008, Kim performed at Times Square in New York City, New York
  • In 2009, Kim performed at The American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida

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