A Word From Kim & Jane

When Jane and I set out on our ministry journey 35 years ago, we never would have dreamed that we would find ourselves surrounded by this community of believers through the means of the internet, something unheard of back then. Now we can't imagine life without you! Thank you for being a part of this global network with us. The amazing thing about this is that we are bringing people from all over the world to gather in one place to worship together in this pioneering work of an online church. We are so pleased to have you here with us and we look forward to our growing relationship! We have worked hard to provide you with the resources and tools to help you grow in your own walk with God, ultimately strengthening our global mission. We are here for you!

our team
  • Kim is the Senior Pastor and spiritual leader of our very unique online church. He provides the leadership and prophetic guidance for our entire online community of believers. Click here to read more about Kim.

  • Jane is an incredible wife and mother and the backbone of the entire ministry.

  • Mike is a part of our pastoral team. He assists with overseeing the online church community by teaching, equipping, and ministering to all of Kim's followers. You can reach him through his email at pastorfah@kimclement.com

  • Pam monitors and responds to the hope@kimclement.com prayer request email. She assists with the counsel and guidance for our online church community.

The Mission

Kim Clement Center is a non-profit organization that focuses on making a global impact with Christ's message of hope. Using music and modern technology to cross cultural, social, and political barriers, they are able to reach every continent.

Our mission is to reach out with God's message of hope and love to all who will hear it, regardless of their place in life. We reach the lost, the hurt and broken, the cynical and jaded, the forgotten, the rejected, the rich and the poor alike. We do not bring discrimination or judgment, but inspire hope through an uplifting message, bringing restoration to life and the future, and often healing from the past.