The Call - Detroit

To My Dear Warriors,

During a decade of labor and service in Detroit, God constantly spoke to me about something monumental that was going to take place in Detroit, Michigan. Week after week I would stand on the platform in Southgate, Michigan declaring, proclaiming and prophesying an event that would change the course of America. I affectionately called Detroit the "City of Light," believing that one day it would shine in the USA. One morning I woke up and my clock showed 3:11, and this continued for weeks on end. God spoke to me about a change that would take place and I assumed that it was March 11th of that year, and proceeded to prepare for a great meeting on that weekend. It was a grand meeting and I prophesied some very significant things, but we never did experience the kind of change I felt God was speaking about.

During my years of ministry in Detroit, I had several visions of a stadium that would be packed full of people - tens of thousands of people, young and old alike. During the vision one night, I saw the news media covering the event and I was so excited thinking that this was going to be my event one day. It was not to be. I had prophesied this since 1995 and no matter what, I was going to pray this through. We watched as Detroit was drastically affected by the economic distress, but during that time, I prophesied that Ford Motor Company would arise amidst the ashes and prosper in the presence of the economic disaster that had affected Michigan so badly. Ford did indeed arise and God had said that it would be a sign of His favor in America and the power of her resilience, and specifically a blessing on Detroit.

Then I heard about The Call and Lou Engle's desire to call for a solemn assembly in Detroit and my heart leaped for joy. I had prophesied the following word in July, 1997, "You have come before me as a memorial, Detroit, Michigan, and because you have come before me as a memorial, I am going to come and see you. I am going to come and visit you. There's going to be a historical event that is going to take place once again in this city. Once again I am going to do something that will cause the people in this city to lift their eyebrows and say, "We cannot ignore what's happening; we cannot ignore the sound of the prophets that God is gathering together in Detroit, Michigan. The gathering of the prophets is taking place, says the Lord. I'm gathering the prophets together in Michigan. I am gathering the prophets together in Detroit, Michigan. There is going to be a prophetic sound that will come. A trumpet will sound and the people will say, "We cannot ignore it any longer because there is a historical event taking place."

I knew that Lou Engle's decision to call the Assembly according to the prophet Joel, was a direct idea from God and then it dawned on me that he was aiming for November, 2011 which was 11-11-11. This was the 3-11 that I had seen during those nights in Dallas in 2003. Recently, while promoting The Call in Detroit at a meeting, God spoke through me and told the people that there was a slogan for Detroit - FROM ZERO TO HERO. The Holy Spirit also spoke about Detroit becoming a MECCA, where Christ would display His glory.

DON'T MISS THIS EVENT. Visit this site below for all the details you will need to get yourself there to be a part of history.


The Call - Detroit

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